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Orthoptics: Double Vision, Eye Strain

Spinak Medical Eye Center Is Proud To Offer Hard-to-Find Orthoptic Services

Do you or a loved one struggle with double vision, crossed eyes, lazy eyes, or problems with reading? Let us help you find the right eye care solution.

Evaluations by a Certified Orthoptist

Joyce Lipsky-Santana, C.O., C.O.T. 

Orthoptic evaluations look at how the eye muscles move and how the eyes work together. As a Certified Orthoptist, Joyce has over 20 years of experience as a certified orthoptist and assists Spinak Medical Eye Center staff in giving our patients the best care possible.

Who Can See an Orthoptist?

An orthoptist works with individuals of all ages. At Spinak Medical Eye Center, many of our orthoptic patients are children. Joyce understands that children can be a bit fearful, especially at a doctor’s office and is experienced at making them more comfortable and at ease.

Common Orthoptic Symptoms:

Common issues Joyce treats:

  • Double vision

  • Ocular motility disorders – eye movement

  • Crossed eyes, wandering eyes, wall-eyes – medical term is Strabismus

  • Lazy eye – medical term is amblyopia

  • Eye strain

Treatment Options

Treatment may include therapeutic exercises, eye patching or prisms. If glasses are prescribed, Joyce will work with our opticians to make sure that the prescription and fit is right for you. Working with Drs. Spinak and Chang, she may also provide assistance to our patients in evaluation and treatment of conditions requiring surgery.

Scheduling an appointment is the next step

Call today to schedule an appointment with our board certified surgeons, Dr. John Chang and Dr. Andrew Spinak, to discuss your situation.

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