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Eye Exams

Make sure your eyes are healthy. Get an eye exam.

Your eye health is too important to leave to chance.

An annual eye exam for you and/or members of your family will ensure that your eyes stay healthy or that eye problems are caught early.

Consider Spinak Medical Eye Center your family eye doctor

Board certified ophthalmologists provide routine and specialized eye care, including surgery, for families, individuals, senior citizens, and children in Rockland, Bergen, Westchester and Orange Counties.

Additionally, we are proud to have many of our area’s physicians, nurses and their families as our patients.

Comprehensive eye exams for all members of your family:

  • Annual eye exam for routine eye care

  • Back to school eye check ups for your children

  • Eye exams to address vision problems of middle age, the need for reading glasses, and procedures that offer freedom from glasses.

  • Eye exams to monitor vision problems of older age, including cataracts, macular degeneration, glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy.

Scheduling an appointment is the next step

Call today to schedule an appointment with our board certified surgeons, Dr. John Chang and Dr. Andrew Spinak, to discuss your situation.

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