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Eyeglass Display

New Eyeglasses = New You

Define your personality

Optical Shop: Eyeglasses and Contacts

Designer frames and a variety of eyeglasses to show-off your personality.

Look great. Choose who you want to be: sophisticated, life of the party or bookish.

Certified opticians have matched and fitted more than 20,000 pairs of glasses and make sure contact lenses will fit you correctly.

Need eyeglasses? Use Spinak Medical Eye Center's Middletown Opticians.

  • Before the glasses are ordered. This ensures that lens are made from quality materials.

  • Experienced at helping you match the right glasses to your face.

  • Ensures prescriptions are correct.

  • Licensed in the state of NY and NJ.

Two Convenient Locations:

Middletown Opticians is Spinak Medical Eye Center’s eyeglass and contact lens optical shop.

Conveniently located in both of Spinak Medical Eye Center’s offices, we’re here to help you select the glasses that fit your face and personality. Designer frames available.

No appointments necessary for Middletown Opticians.

Contact Lenses

Need contact lenses? You can have your contact lens fitting right here with our staff optician, RJ, or optical specialist, Glenys.

Spinak Medical Eye Center’s Middletown Opticians have access to a large inventory and array of lenses customized to fit and meet your visual goals. These include:

  • Monthly and daily lenses

  • Lenses to correct astigmatism

  • Lenses to correct both reading and distance vision.

Remember that different brands work differently in different eyes. Make sure you have the right ones for you.

Contacts are available for correcting many types of vision problems:
  • Far-sightedness

  • Near sightedness

  • Astigmatism – soft contacts available now to correct astigmatism. Hard contacts are no longer the only choice.

  • Presbyopia, which is the medical term for the need for reading glasses.

Permanent Contact Lenses Available for Glasses Free Vision

For a more permanent solution, consider the Visian implantable contact lens, which is basically a permanent contact lens surgically implanted to give you glasses-free vision.

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