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LASIK® Laser Vision Correction

Freedom from glasses and contact lenses

Spinak Medical Eye Center understands that glasses and contact lenses aren’t for everyone.  In fact, with the advancements in LASIK® surgery, more and more of our patients are choosing to get rid of their glasses and contact lenses.

  • Clear vision no matter what the weather – no fogging of lenses or rain-spattered lenses.

  • Play sports without fear of losing glasses or contacts.

  • Accomplish more without having to work-around your glasses or worry about foreign objects in your contacts.

  • Show off your beautiful eyes.

  • Save money in the long run by not having to purchase eyeglasses year after year.

Why have LASIK® at Spinak Medical Eye Center?

Spinak Medical Eye Center is not a “LASIK® factory”. Expertise, experience and personal attention by board certified eye surgeons. 

  • Reduce or eliminate your need for glasses or contacts with LASIK®  laser vision correction.

  • Safe, outpatient surgery, performed by board certified ophthalmologists, reshapes the cornea to improve your vision and give you a life free of glasses or contact lenses.

  • Each patient receives a customized treatment plan specific to their visual needs and eye anatomy.

  • Dedicated team of professionals to guide you through the process – from consultation appointment through your recovery from surgery.

  • Available to answer your questions.

Visian Implant: LASIK® Alternative

Some patients have eye anatomy that is not a good fit for laser vision correction. This is particularly true of extremely near-sighted patients.

If the doctors at Spinak Medical Eye Center say you are not a candidate for LASIK®, the Visian implantable contact lens may be a great option. Some individuals will see a significant improvement after their laser vision but will still require corrective lenses for some activities.

What is the Visian implantable contact lens?

The Visian ICL is a contact lens-like implant that works inside the eye to correct vision. Unlike a traditional contact lens, the Visian ICL is surgically inserted into the eye and does not require regular cleaning or maintenance.

Is LASIK® or the Visian Implant a better choice?

Schedule a free consultation to discuss your personal situation with Dr. Spinak. You are encouraged to bring a family member or friend with you to the consultation to help you remember the information or to ask additional questions.

Scheduling an appointment is the next step

Call today to schedule an appointment with our board certified surgeons, Dr. John Chang and Dr. Andrew Spinak, to discuss your situation.

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